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Q: Fitting

What size TriggerTreaterTM will fit my horse/pony?

The TriggerTreater will fit all horses and ponies.  You can trim and rejoin the tube if you want to make it shorter.

 How can I use the TriggerTreaterTM with a bitless bridle?

You can use the TriggerTreaterTM   with a bitless bridle.  First put the TriggerTreaterTM Bridle Set on using a bitted bridle as normal but take off the reins.  Then put the bitless bridle over the top.   The bit is used only to position the TriggerTreaterTM in the mouth.  Your horse will benefit from the reward but your reins will be on the bitless bridle.  Remember there is no negative reinforcement to the bit if you have no reins attached!   Horse accept the bit happily with the TriggerTreaterTM.especially without reins!  See video of riding with no reins, only a neck strap 

Which bit shall I use for the TriggerTreaterTM?

If you use a bit with a joint/s you can attach the cord of the little carrot to the joint to release the taste in the centre of the horse's tongue.    Use the Y shaped bit pieces to secure the tube to the bit so that the tube runs straight along the front of the bit.   

Will the TriggerTreaterTM fit my western saddle?

There is a loop on the front of the holster which will fit onto western horns or, if necessary, you can use the rubber attachments to make and larger loop to fit your saddle horn.  See the video for Western saddles

Is the TriggerTreaterTM patented?

The TriggerTreaterTM intellectual property is protected by patents in countries including  UK, Australia and USA patents.  See patent 

Is TriggerTreaterTM trademarked?

TriggerTreaterTM,the logo and The Real Horse CompanyTM are trademarked.

Q: Shipping

Where is the TriggerTreaterTM shipped?

The TriggerTreaterTM is currently shipped to addresses in the following places:
  • Europe
  • UK
  • USA
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
Please email if you are outside these regions.

How long to dispatch?

Dispatch will be within 24 hours from your order Monday to Friday.

How long will it take to get to my country?

 Your TriggerTreaterTM will normally arrive in your country 7 - 10  days from dispatch.

Will I have to pay Duty and Sales Tax?

You are responsible for Duty and Sales tax in your own country if applicable unless you are shipping within Australia.  Sales and Duty payments will vary according to your country's customs and excise.  If you choose shipping by courier then your payment will be arranged by your courier.  Your courier will contact you to arrange payment with you.   If you choose Express post for shipping then arrangements for payment will be made with you directly by the Customs office in your own country.      

Expect to pay approximatelly 20% of the total cost of shipping and the product price for Duty and Sales tax. 
Please note that these are estimates and may change  without notice by the customs office in your own country.

Q: Materials

Is the TriggerTreaterTM recyclable?

The TriggerTreaterTM is made from recyclable materials and the box is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Are the TriggerTreaterTM  materials food safe?

The TriggerTreaterTM is made from food safe materials.
Components are high grade medical quality.

Q: Cleaning

How do I clean my TriggerTreaterTM?

After each use, flush clean water through the system and air dry.  


Q: What treat shall I use?

How do I know which is my horse’s favourite flavour?

You can do a taste test to see which flavour is the best.    Arrange the flavours in a semi-circle in front of your horse.  Invite your horse to try the flavours.     Notice carefully which one your horse prefers.  See video  

What flavours can I use for my TriggerTreaterTM?

You can use the flavour in liquid form which your horse likes best. 

Which flavours are popular with horses?

Popular flavours are carrot juice, apple, mango and banana, coconut, oat drink, peppermint, aniseed.  You can buy some great flavours from the supermarket.

Can I use juices with pulp?

Use free flowing liquids to avoid blocking the equipment.
You can strain liquid to reduce sediment.


When should I treat my horse?

You can treat your horse anytime you like.
You won’t cause any harm  by treating your horse at any time.


Use the TriggerTreaterTM for training:  

  • First do a Taste Test  - see video Guides and Videos pages 
  • Be certain that your horse loves the flavour that you plan to use
  • Make sure your horse is calm, relaxed and comfortable 
  • Reduce your training into small easy steps 
  • For each step ask the horse clearly what you would like him to do
  • If calmness is lost then reestablish the calmness and relaxation before proceeding
  • If your horse does not respond how you hoped then find out how you can be more clear to him and whether what you asked is reasonable - try asking for a smaller step
  • Reward your horse when you see any sign that he is trying to do what you want
  • Keep sessions very short
  • Reward your horse every time until he has learnt the step you are teaching and then reward intermittently and then stop treating for that thing


Use the TriggerTreaterTM for motivation:

  • Users have found that horses are more motivated with the TriggerTreaterTM 
  • Horses can feel more alert and interested with the TriggerTreaterTM
  • The TriggerTreaterTM can encourage softening of the horse's lower jaw


Use the TriggerTreaterTM for refreshment and hydration:

  • The TriggerTreaterTM can be used to refresh and rehydrate a thirsty horse