How the TriggerTreater works

For thousands of years riders have communicated with horses with negative reinforcement.   Now you can use direct positive reinforcement riding your horse!    
Fill the TriggerTreaterTM reservoir with your horse's favourite taste.  Press the TriggerTreaterTM button to reward, motivate, refresh and rehydrate your horse!  
Use the TriggerTreaterTM for every ride on your horse - for dressage, showjumping, riding in the countryside, training, endurance! 
With the TriggerTreaterTM you can add positive reinforcement when you are riding with a bit or with a bitless bridle or free riding.   


The TriggerTreater TM  Photo courtesy of DesignWorks

Use the TriggerTreaterTM  to add positive reinforcement to your preferred training technique.
Use the TriggerTreaterTM  button in your hand to keep your normal rein connection with your horse or from the docking position on the reservoir. 
Riding and Groundwork - You can use the TriggerTreaterTM  when you are riding your horse or when you work from the ground.  
Bitless Bridle and Free Riding - For bitless bridles or free riding you use the TriggerTreaterTM  with no reins attached so there is no possibility of negative reinforcement to the bit. 

Use the TriggerTreaterTM for training:  

  • First do a Taste Test  - see video Guides and Videos pages 
  • Be certain that your horse loves the flavour that you plan to use
  • Make sure your horse is calm, relaxed and comfortable 
  • Reduce your training into small easy steps 
  • For each step ask the horse clearly what you would like him to do
  • If calmness is lost then reestablish the calmness and relaxation before proceeding
  • If your horse does not respond how you hoped then find out how you can be more clear to him and whether what you asked is reasonable - try asking for a smaller step
  • Reward your horse when you see any sign that he is trying to do what you want
  • Keep sessions very short
  • Reward your horse every time until he has learnt the step you are teaching and then reward intermittently and then stop treating for that thing


Use the TriggerTreaterTM for motivation:

  • Users have found that horses are more motivated with the TriggerTreaterTM 
  • Horses can feel more alert and interested with the TriggerTreaterTM
  • The TriggerTreaterTM can encourage softening of the horse's lower jaw

Use the TriggerTreaterTM for refreshment and hydration:

  • The TriggerTreaterTM can be used to refresh and rehydrate a thirsty horse