Riding with your TriggerTreaterTM                       

Riding without reins with the TriggerTreaterTM    No reins = no negative reinforcement

Training to improve the rein back using the TriggerTreaterTM


Getting ready to use the TriggerTreaterTM



The Taste Test:  Help your horse choose the flavour

Put your TriggerTreaterTM reservoir on your saddle (English)

Put your TriggerTreaterTM reservoir on a Saddle (Western)

Attach your TriggerTreaterTM Bridle Set to your horse's bridle

Connect your TriggerTreaterTM to your horse


Cleaning and Maintaining your TriggerTreaterTM                       

Clean, rinse and dry your TriggerTreaterTM after use

Maintain your TriggerTreaterTM to make it easier to press the button after storage

Replace the click if it comes out while you are maintaining your TriggerTreaterTM